Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hey Victor,

if you have a chance  please take a look my progress for this week.

Thank you



  1. Hi Andriy, looking good! I like the new gesture at the start better, but the timing is a little too far off from the dialog and head accent. Try shifting the gesture earlier so the hands start to come down around frame 15 or 16. It would be good to dirty up the overshoot downward so that you feel more tension in the arms. Try adding some vibration to the gesture. From 33-39 her hips move back and hit hard. Try to ease them in more to give her more weight. On frame 165 every part of her body seems to stop at once. Try to overlap or offset the head (for example) to break up timing, weight. Make sure her hips don't lock in space here, too. On 181 the screen right hand starts to turn over and move towards bike. This action is a little too sharp - give it some more ease out of the open pose.
    Great work!

  2. By the way, feel free to bring in your Maya files next week. Maybe I can get in there and help with some polish.