Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hi Victor

Sorry I couldn't come to class on Wed, it's been a pretty busy week. Anyways, I finally finished my blocking for the shot so here is the link. It gets a little rough towards the end but I just wanted to put everything there so we could see it complete.
The animation gets up to 300 frames right now.

Here is the link

I put the quicktime file too just in case.

Let me know what you guys think


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  1. Hi Giuliana, we missed you! Glad to see you've been busy on this. Yes, it's too long, but I think we can trim it down in places. Most notably, have the grandpa find the bucket quicker (remove 125-140), and don't show him laughing about what he's going to do (remove 150-175). This is your chance to have him fool the audience too: have him notice the bucket and look at it amazed, then show it to the boy. Don't reveal his joke until after the payoff. Hope this makes sense. I'll do some drawings, too. Good work!