Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bring in your Maya files

Hi All,
I'm told the Mac in our classroom has been upgraded with more RAM, and seeing that I'm running a little short on lecture material I thought it might be good to open up some of your shots in Maya.  I think this would be especially useful for those of you in spline or polish mode.  I'm no whiz in Maya, but I can fix things!  So feel free to bring in your Maya files, and don't forget to bring along any referenced characters or models in case we don't have copies in the classroom.  See you tomorrow!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hey Victor,

if you have a chance  please take a look my progress for this week.


Thank you


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weight and Hitch


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Victor, I was wondering if you could take a look at the hitch that was happening when the girl stepped back from the mirror, as well as her weight around fr 90.  I moved her foot so it was under her body more.  I haven't delved into her arm/hand animation or the eye direction quite yet.

I was also curious if you could refresh my memory about your note on her shrug.  It seems that when I was writing my notes in class, on one line I only wrote, "shrug should be more."  Lol very vague on my part.  Do you think it should be more emphasized?  I'm planning on showing her exhale and her nostrils flaring, as you suggested, as well as fixing her hand plant on her hips.  I just feel like I'm forgetting one bit...


Thank you in advance!


Sunday, June 12, 2016



Well I've tackle the notes from class (working on sober sisters exhale, and her arm at the end.  As well as drunk sisters bounce after the fall)

I also was working on the sober sisters walk in and then cleaning up the first 58ish frames of drunk sister.  Im feeling that her movement throughout that move (28-46 ish) is a little clunky.  While working on it to clean it I think I'm fussing a little too much in areas.  I don't know, what do you think.  Thank you in advance!


Finally Splined


This weekend I tried bringing the rest of my shot up since last class, and so now everything is FINALLY splined!  Beware - the first 50 frames or so are really swimmy and looking a little shady.  I'm also still working on the walk backward, but I thiiiink that's finally looking better.

Moving foward, I'm looking to add better transitions through the extremes and soften up the areas where the characters are hitting walls, along with offsetting, etc.

Thank you!



Hi Victor

Sorry I couldn't come to class on Wed, it's been a pretty busy week. Anyways, I finally finished my blocking for the shot so here is the link. It gets a little rough towards the end but I just wanted to put everything there so we could see it complete.
The animation gets up to 300 frames right now.

Here is the link


I put the quicktime file too just in case.


Let me know what you guys think


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sincere boy?

Not sure if it would be better to have the kid offer up his toy to gramps....but I felt like that's a pretty bold move considering he's a stranger. So I thought a shy wave might be better :) Please let me know what you think! Thanks!!


Also Victor, I wanted to think of ideas for my next shot. What should be next on my reel? I want to get rid of everything after 0:45. Please let me know!


Have a great weekend everyone

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jaw clench on Giacomo

Does anyone know how to make the jaw clench for Giacomo? I can't find a control that will do that...and scaling any part of that area just makes him look chubby....

Please help! THANKS!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Messy but splined

Hello all! Hope everyone is surviving the heat!

Soooo I have a rough splined out shot. Not easy with everything I have going on in this shot.  I hope it's holding up well.  The timing is roughed in.  There is NO offsetting yet.  I just wanted to see if everything is reading.  I've shortened the walk in. and right now it's starting at frame 10 which I can add to sober sisters hold at around f87 is.  There's constraints that I want to hold off moving.

For the most part, is is working? Thank you in advance!! Ellen


Just a quick thought..

Hi Victor,

Before I head into splining, I wanted to pop this on here to see if the changes I made per the notes in class look ok.  I'm mainly curious if you think the girl's reaction/sigh around fr 139 reads for long enough.  It feels a little quick to me at the moment, but I know I'm over frame limit!


Thank you in advance!  To splines I go!