Sunday, May 1, 2016

Giuliana - Ideas for Blocking

Hi Victor, guys and girls

I was thinking about what you said in class about me doing something more broad with full body acting, and I got back to some old shots that were never finished but that I still like because of the idea behind them.

Here are the links for them.

1. Window Guy

2. Roman Guy

* I would like to change the ending of this for him going with the ball accidentally.

I came up with ideas too.

1.  10 - 11 Year Old Shaolin Warrior inside of a temple looking for a treasure.
* Shaolin Monkey Warriors are monks warriors that imitate the behaviour of a monkey to use for fights. Here is a video of a warrior using a stick for his purposes.

2. I like the old guy rig from animschool, I think it would be cool to put him in a scenario where he is fishing and gets into a fight with the fish pulling the rod

For my pirate Idea
I want it to be a full body shot staged similar like this and Iw ould love the iguana rig to be on his shoulder as his pet.

Here are the the dialogues that i found for that.

What do you think? Class?

Thank you and sorry for the long post.



  1. Hi Guiliana,

    I like your ideas! If I were to choose, I really like the body mechanics shot where the guy is falling on the scaffold. I also like your idea of the guy with the fishing pole. You could get some really funny poses and expressions in there.

    Hope this helps you narrow it down!

    1. Thank you Jamie :) That does help a lot. I appreciate you reading the long post haha. I'll see you in class :)

  2. Hi Giu,
    Sorry for not responding sooner. I like the scaffold one too. I don't feel there's enough opportunity for acting in any of these ideas, though. The physical shots are too purely physical to allow for much character-based acting, and the pirate audio clips don't have any conflict or real change of attitude in them. Pantomime acting doesn't have to mean a broad, slapstick shot. It just means showing a character acting and reacting without dialog. Imagine a man trying to write the perfect love letter and getting frustrated with his failed attempts, or a woman trying to get someone's attention across the room without waking a sleeping baby. What if the old man is fishing and catches something unexpected. How might he react? The conflict can be internal, or external, and it can still be funny if you want, without being athletic. If you're going for a dialog shot, I'd love for you to pick a clip that has an emotional change in it. Is the 2nd audio clip from the movie "The Pirates! Band of Misfits"? You definitely want to avoid audio clips from animated films.