Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blocking Plus-ish

Hey all! I hope you had a great weekend!

So this week was making the notes work, and then I was adding some visual changes like both of their skins to make them look different and I added a blend shape to the window seat pad (so it didnt look so stiff). I also have some VERY rough examples of possible cam moves.  See what you think.

Thanks in advance! -Ellen

Cam move 1's%20Adv%20Animation%20Class/

Cam move 2's%20Adv%20Animation%20Class/


  1. Hi Ellen, I think the blocking is working well. I know I asked you to have the sober girl looking off screen at the head of the shot, but that's not working, so just have her focused on her drunk sister. Sorry for the misdirection. As for the camera, you need to tilt down as she falls, starting around frame 90. Then I like how you cut to a new shot as the sober sister crouches, though the new shot should be closer and have them more centered.

  2. Hi Ellen! It's looking so great! As for the camera angle, I was thinking the camera drifting down when the sister falls. Maybe start the drift 6-12 frames once she starts falling? Just a suggestion whether you take it or leave it. Really loving it though :)