Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thanks again...

Thanks again for a great class!  I hope you all had a good time and learned a thing or two.  I certainly enjoyed spending my Wednesday nights with you!  As a parting gift, I invite you to post any WIP to the blog for one more round of notes (though the notes may have to wait until next month when I'm out of crunch time).  Also, here's a link to the lecture on "Eyes" (which I didn't finish in class).

Eyes notes

Have a bitchin' summer!


  1. It was definitely a great class, thank you Victor for all your feedback, help and notes. They were very helpful. Hope to see everyone again soon and hope you all have a great summer!!

  2. Thanks, Victor!!!! Class was great, as usual! You maaaaaaaaay or may not see me again in the Fall! :P

    Have a great summer yourself!

  3. Thank you so much victor! Loved the class the second time around! Great stuff!